Sep 1, 2009

The IE8 Speed Fix!

I hate Microsoft.

Its been a solid few months since I've been using IE8 (only for website testing, not everyday browsing). I noticed that every so often (more often then not), one of the tabs in IE would just hang. It wouldn't load the page. I'd open a new tab to fix it... and it wouldn't load either. I'd pop into Google Chrome and the same URL would load fine. This would also happen in IE8 pop-up windows.

I finally decided to do some research on the issue, and to my surprise, there's actually a solution. So far, it seems to have worked for me. Hopefully it'll do the same for you:

1) Open Command Prompt (Start > Run > Type: 'cmd')
2) Type: 'regsvr32 actxprxy.dll'
3) You should see an alert box pop up saying something was successful.
4) Reboot.
5) Enjoy a less buggy IE8 experience.

I'm running XP and this solution works great. Not sure if this solution will work for Vista users or not. If it doesn't, the next best thing would be to find the IE8 installer and reinstalling IE8 completely.